Contact Centre as a Service

Consumer expectations and communication norms have changed. People now expect a two-way conversation in their communication channel of choice: phone, email, SMS (text), Instant Message, web, mobile or social media. Too many multi-channel contact centre solutions today still exist in silos, delivering a fragmented and frustrating experience for consumers.

Vantage is the leading service provider and systems integrator of secure Cloud or premise-based Omni-Channel Contact Centre services. Our vMeeting “Intelligent Contact-Centre Exchange” (ICE) empowers your user to start an activity in one communication channel and ensures the service level, responsiveness, and quality of service received is seamless across all channels. This holistic approach makes our vMeeting ICE solution comprehensive and unique and delivers all core Contact Centre functions: Inbound Call Management ACD & IVR, Predictive Dialer, Call Recording, Live Call Monitoring, Data Analytics, Automated Speech Recognition and Workforce Management.

White Paper: Cloud Contact Centres are the Future


Why Vantage?

Secure Cloud

With independent accreditation, you can have absolute confidence in the safety and security of our Contact Centre solutions. Our vMeeting UC2UC Exchange is in the process of being awarded by the Australian Signals Directorate as an accredited ASD Certified Cloud service with the classification level of PROTECTED. This certification is based on the Australian Government Information Security Manual addressing security risk mitigations associated with Cloud computing addressing Information, Personnel and Physical security.

Managed Services

Without the right technology, tools and well-trained staff, managing a Omni-Channel Contact Centre is meaningless. Our management and support services help you to maximise the ROI for your Contact Centre through our Proactive Monitoring, Fault Management, System Administration, and Service Reporting.

Professional Services

Trust our certified experts. We have extensive experience helping businesses realise a successful Contact Centre strategy by incorporating the criteria for success: IVR Workflows, Application Integration, Workforce Management and Speech Analytics. We work with you to understand the specific needs of your end-users and the business outcomes that you need to deliver. Our professional services include consultancy, project management, design, training, adoption, and lifecycle management.

System Integration

Your Contact Centre is central to your business success. We can transform your systems delivering you value, saving you time, and reducing your costs. Our vendor-certified team help you get the most out of your investments by leveraging existing investments in PBX platform technology. They will design and implement an omni-channel solution which is agnostic and supports leading manufacturers (including Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Mitel and Skype for Business).

Delivered as a Service

Our Cloud Contact Centre as a Service “CCCaaS” offering means that your business can take advantage of a subscription business model basis (only pay for what you use). The Vantage secure vMeeting UC2UC Exchange delivers all the benefits of a dedicated Contact Centre (security, customisation and integration) without the high costs of capital investment required for infrastructure and ongoing operational costs. Avoid locking yourself into single vendor solutions with complex and lengthy deployment cycles.


Secure Cloud

Secure Omni-Channel Contact Centre from the cloud. All your Contact Centre data is hosted in our secure private cloud environment within Australia, giving you absolute confidence that your video, voice, messaging, and content are protected to the highest levels.

Independent Accreditation

Our vMeeting UC2UC Exchange is currently being assessed for IRAP protected level classification with the objective of obtaining Australian Signals Directorate’s Certified Cloud service. This certification is based on the Australian Government Information Security Manual addressing key security risk mitigations (Information, Personnel and Physical security).

Information Security

We protect your information, today and tomorrow. Our security measures adhere to the stringent standards set by Australian Government for information security across three core elements - confidentiality, integrity, and availability - which provides appropriate protection that matches your information’s value, classification, and sensitivity. Trust that your information is protected from unauthorised use or accidental modification, loss or release.

Personnel Security

Our people get security. That’s why we have created a culture of protective security, and we understand the responsibilities and obligations that come with accessing secure information. Our disciplined and comprehensive approach to personnel security provides a level of assurance as to the honesty, trustworthiness, maturity, tolerance and loyalty of our individuals.

Physical Security

Our physical work environment is safe and secure. The Vantage security policy and security plan addresses physical security requirements and occupational health and safety measures, including a safe work space for our people, appropriate physical security in our facilities, and protective measures.

Data Storage & Ownership

Your data will always remain secure in our Australian private cloud environment. Assurance that you retain ownership of your data, and can access, download, and re-use your stored content at any time.

Managed Services

We proactively monitor network performance using our own monitoring and alerting system. This provides remote and real-time warnings based on endpoint devices exceeding network thresholds for latency, jitter and packet loss. Proactive monitoring includes performing a daily morning ‘Health Check’ to validate that each collaboration system is operational, which has proven to be a cornerstone for reliable unified collaboration.

We understand that a single point of contact is critical for successful incident management. Our specialised vNOC team will handle all technical issues from beginning to end, including the coordination of technical issue resolution. So, if you do experience any unexpected collaboration issues, have confidence that it will be resolved quickly and efficiently with updates generated automatically.

Leave the hard work to us. We perform System Administration of the endpoints and core UC infrastructure for all operational activities including reviewing system logs, completing planned software releases, managing global address books, maintaining configuration consistency, performing backups, and managing the asset inventory list.

Get more from your Unified Conferencing and Collaboration investment. The Service Reporting review meetings are held regularly to review utilisation, trending and performances against agreed Service Levels to ensure that you’re getting the most from our Conferencing Collaboration service. Service Reporting also includes incident reporting which recommended remedial action to prevent recurring problems.


Does Vantage have a Partner program?

Our referral program allows you to add vMeeting ICE to your product portfolio without having to increase headcount or train resources. We work side by side with you and your sales team as trusted experts and provide all the resources to introduce vMeeting ICE CCaaS to your customers, bringing new ideas and maximising ROI.

What should I look for in a Contact Centre solution?

With so many contact centre solutions out there, you may find it difficult to choose the right one for your organisation. While exploring these options, there are several things you should keep in mind.  As more consumers adopt mobile devices, the lines between contact centre channels blur and customer expectations for ease of starting a conversation in one channel, then continuing in another, become even higher. A conversation that begins on Twitter can be continued via text message or phone call with all of the relevant context preserved across channels providing customer a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Do you offer a Pay-As-You-Go option?

Operations can be quickly scaled up to meet requirements with our vMeeting ICE CCCaaS and without the need for a capital outlay. Agents gain immediate access to the cloud service by simply logging into the Agent screen – with the ‘pay-as-you-go’ price model billing only those agents logged into the vMeeting ICE charged by the month (charged monthly for the number of concurrent agents).

Can your solution integrate with my CRM?

Our vMeeting ICE CCaaS can be integrated with any modern CRM software (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and others) via either an API or alternatively by ‘single click’ access.

Do I need to buy any special equipment?

Our secure vMeeting ICE delivers all the benefits of an Omni-Channel Contact Centre solution (security, customisation and integration) without the high-cost capital investment on infrastructure and on-going operational costs.

Why is security important and is service/data stored in Australia?

Our vMeeting UC2UC Exchange has been awarded by the Australian Signals Directorate as an accredited ASD Certified Cloud service with the classification level of PROTECTED. The ASD Certification is based on the Australian Government Information Security Manual addressing security risk mitigations associated with Cloud computing addressing Information, Personnel and Physical security (stored in Australia).

How long will it take to implement?

This standard deployment time for a Contact Centre implementation is approximately 6-8 weeks. The Cloud CCaaS makes it possible to engage on a subscription business model basis (only pay for what you use) that improves with age, rather than locking yourself into a single vendor solution that involves extensive technical teams to marshal complex and lengthy deployment cycles.

Do you offer a free trial?

We have several demonstration facilities located throughout Australia, and we welcome you to call us to experience our secure Omi-Channel Contact Centre services for yourself. Contact us today.