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Conferencing technology plays a crucial part in today's business communications. Problems - technical or nontechnical - are therefore more than just inconvenient.

Vantage's vCare Services are designed to maintain your systems, minimise downtime and save you the cost of employing in-house specialists. Located across every state in the country, our systems engineers or service centres offer comprehensive, nationwide support. Our range of support options provide the optimum level of assistance, whether your system serves five, or five hundred users.

vCare Assist
vCare Assist offers 24/5 technical support and phone assistance - complete with a research lab to simulate and troubleshoot any conferencing problem. Experienced conferencing operators monitor every service & support request, following escalation procedures (according to time and severity) to fix your problem fast. Backed by a comprehensive database detailing each customer's service history, they are able to diagnose and resolve almost any error quickly over the telephone. vCare Assist also includes quick parts replacement. In the event of equipment failure, you are covered for the replacement of the costly parts, or even the entire system if necessary.
vCare Onsite

vCare Onsite offers you all of the benefits of vCare Assist with one major advantage: technical support is offered on-site. A qualified engineer will visit your premises to rectify the problem within one business day.

When virtual collaboration is absolutely vital to your business, vCare Onsite Plus4 is an option. This service package provides an on-site response within four business hours, in all cities with a Vantage service centre (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide).

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