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Web conferencing puts you in the same room with customers, colleagues and partners, seamlessly sharing voice and data. With vMeeting.NET 'Adobe Connect' - our hosted web conferencing service - you can hold presentations, demonstrate applications, edit documents and even brainstorm on an online whiteboard as you would in a conference room.

vMeeting.NET 'Adobe Connect' is available in two virtual environments:

vMeeting.NET 'Adobe Connect' - Meeting  

Your own personal online meeting room. On hand at the click of a button and when you need it, allowing you to work in a highly interactive manner – sharing screens, documents and applications; listing down ideas on a whiteboard and commenting on the points made via chat without interrupting discussions.

vMeeting.NET 'Adobe Connect' - Seminar Communicate with impact. Create a corporate online meeting environment where you can hold multimedia presentations, show videos, animations and software simulations to small and large audiences. By leveraging conferencing features such as polls, quizzes and Q&A’s you ensure an interactive meeting experience even at a large scale.

To use vMeeting.NET 'Adobe Connect' all you need is a computer, an internet connection and a telephone. Synchronised with vMeeting.NET Audio - our hosted audio conferencing services - your web conferences are doomed for success as participants can not only see your presentations, but hear your voice at the same time.

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