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Seeing is believing. The visual element of a video conference transforms how you interact with people. vMeeting.NET Video - our hosted video conferencing service – enables you to meet colleagues, customers and partners face-to-face, wherever they are.

vMeeting.NET Video is available in the following service options:

vMeeting.NET Video Automated  

Simply connect. Schedule, notify and attend multipoint video conferences in your own time via the vMeeting.NET web interface and utilise Vantage’s video conference infrastructure and network.

vMeeting.NET Video Greet & Guide Add a personal touch. A qualified vMeeting.NET operator will assist you in connecting all participating conferencing sites into the video conference. Before initiating the meeting he will greet all participants.
vMeeting.NET Video Events  

When it has to be perfect. An experienced vMeeting.NET operator will handle all the details, from scheduling the meeting locations, pre-testing the equipment and connections, and monitoring every aspect of your video conference from beginning to end.

vMeeting.NET Video supports ISDN as well as IP networks. Through a Gateway Service vMeeting.NET Video enables cross protocol communications, permitting ISDN and IP video conferencing endpoints to be brought into one conference.

Should you, or one of your customers, lack the necessary equipment to facilitate a video conference, we are also able to provide you on-demand access to more than 4,000 public video conferencing facilities worldwide. To reserve and book a public conference room today, contact our vMeeting.NET Bureau Services.

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