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Set your communication apart. With vStream.NET - our hosted streaming media service - you can highlight the uniqueness of your organisation, underline corporate announcements and call attention to new products and services in a different, highly effective way.

vStream.NET offers two types of streaming media:

vStream.NET OnDemand  

Convenience. Present high quality, pre-recorded multimedia information over the internet. Accessible anytime, day or night, your audience decides when, where and how often to view, for instance, training videos, announcements or new product presentations - like watching a video on DVD.


As it happens. Broadcast business meetings and corporate announcements live over the internet. Simply by clicking a hyperlink, the audience can immediately join you and view or listen to the event in real time - like watching the news on TV.

You can record and save these events to various media sources such as CD or DVD for easy playback. You are also able to store the content on your website or local network for 'on-demand' viewing.

In order to screen media information over the internet, audio and video content must first be captured by audio visual equipment, and then encoded - converted and compressed – into a special digital format, before it can be ‘streamed’ out via a streaming server. Utilising state of the art streaming technology, vStream.Net not only allows you to capture, encode and stream information, but to create immersive rich media experiences that fuse video together with data, graphics and sound.

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