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Conferencing technology provides a razor sharp competitive edge. Not only, does it allow you to gain commercial advantage by sharing knowledge and expertise in an efficient way and making fast decisions, it also helps you to build strong business relationships. But, how do you leverage these advantages if you do not have access to conferencing technology?

vMeeting.NET - our hosted audio, video and web conferencing service - grants you access to Vantage’s conferencing infrastructure and thus enables you to hold conferences with anyone, at any time, utilising a world-class global network.

With vMeeting.NET you are able to

Audio Conferencing  

Meet customers, partners and colleagues over the phone – all at once (if required) and regardless of their location.

Video Conferencing See the people you are meeting and enjoy the same level of communication you would get from a face to face appointment – virtually.
Web Conferencing  

Add a visual element to your audio conferences - share documents, presentations and applications.

Streaming   Extend your conferences to those people who are unable to attend. Stream the information in real time or archive it for viewing at a later date.
Bureau Services   Benefit from Vantage's international conferencing network and gain on-demand access to more than 4,000 public video conferencing facilities worldwide.

vMeeting.NET offers you communication without boundaries. Just think how helpful a spontaneous discussion around your desk can be. With vMeeting.NET, you can have this kind of meeting any time, wherever your desk may be, and wherever your colleagues, customers, or suppliers are located.

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