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A telephone is all you need. vMeeting.NET Audio - our hosted audio conferencing service – enables you to communicate with nearly everybody around the world when you need to.

Available in the following three service options, the choice is yours.

vMeeting.NET Audio Automated

Pure flexibility. Book your audio conference in advance via the vMeeting.NET web interface or hold it on-the-fly, simply by dialling the provided vMeeting phone number and entering your Chairperson PIN.

vMeeting.NET Audio Greet & Guide A helping hand. A vMeeting.NET operator will assist you in setting up your conference call and either dial-out to participants or greet those who dial-in, and introduce all attendees.
vMeeting.NET Audio Events  

For a smooth run. Benefit from the conferencing expertise of a vMeeting.Net operator who will manage the entire conference call from start to finish for you.

Boost the effectiveness of your audio conference by enabling participants also to see, share and update documents as they are discussed. Combine your audio conference with vMeeting.NET 'Adobe Connect' - our hosted web conferencing service.

 Chairs in Conference Room

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